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The PhysioTree team is a group of compassionate, innovative/nerdy and talented Physical Therapists who tested an idea on how to improve low back pain and had great results. We’re passionate about making high-quality low back pain treatment available for everyone.

We could no longer sit back and wait for patients to reach our clinic, knowing that the sooner someone received an assessment, the appropriate exercise recommendations, and education surrounding low back pain, the better chance they had for a faster recovery and return to their desired activities.

According to the World Health Organization, low back pain stinks. Ok, our word, not theirs but it is the leading cause of disability and work absence throughout the world, and it has a huge impact on individuals, families, communities, industry and governments. The healthcare system is broken and there’s little incentive for it to change. Research has shown that early Physical Therapy is the best thing to avoid long term complications.

We have worked tirelessly on this multi-faceted, evidence based program to get you the information you need to get back to your life, and the things you enjoy. So….what are you waiting for?

Team Highlights:

100 years combined of clinical experience

Each founder is a board certified orthopedic clinical specialist and has undergone extensive residency and fellowship training.

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